The 2019/20 season has finally been declared Null and Void following the latest statement from our East Region Junior Association. This means no league champions and no relegations, we move onto next season, if that starts at all. Statement below…


The East Region Management Committee met tonight, (Thursday 16/04/20) and have declared Season 2019-20
null and void. This means there are no Champions in any of our four leagues. Given the very difficult and challenging times we are in it was important to get final clarity on this season so that we can all move on.

This was not an easy decision but we felt it was the fairest one and comes within in our rule 79 which refers to the fulfilment of league fixtures. Clearly, that has not been possible and we already advised that the season was finished.

We fully appreciate this will be disappointing to some who may have preferred a different solution but whatever decision was taken was always going to cause differences of opinion.

The Management Committee hope you will now work with us to set up our leagues for next season and look forward to making these as attractive and competitive as possible.
We are currently working on proposals.

Finally a heartfelt thanks to all our Clubs for their patience and understanding…

The Management Committee