When Interviewer turns Interviewee…

Over the last several months, our website admin and social media guru, Sean, has poked and prodded the Broughty Athletic players and coaching staff to reveal all. Now, the players have their own back and have taken the opportunity to return the favour to Sean with both hands. Sean reveals all below, well just about, he copped out of a few questions when the boys sat down with him:BroughtyAthletic-150px-transparent

So, Sean, you have been in the Website hot seat for around 10 months now, how did you come to take on the position?

My good friend and Broughty keeper, Iain Ross got in touch and asked if I would help out to give the website some life. Having done it before for another team years ago I thought why not, so here I am giving it some life and bringing it up to a standard it should be before we get someone in to take it over. The club is a great club, with great people throughout. Social media is running the world nowadays so Broughty’s name needs to be out there and hopefully, that’s what I’m doing with the daily news, stories, interviews, pictures etc on the website, Facebook, and Twitter. I just wish more and more Junior clubs made the effort, put in the time and gave the Junior game the support it deserves.

How have the boys taken to your intrusion into their lives?

I would like to think they have all taken it well and have all been very obliging in helping me out with the interviews over the months. They know the site is viewed daily by a few hundred viewers and I’m sure they all deep down like the attention that comes with being shown on your club’s website be it in pictures or interviews, who wouldn’t? After all, it’s about them at the end of the day, part and parcel of being a footballer at a club with a great website behind it. I enjoy what I do very much so if the boys are happy then I’m happy.

What team do you support and is there any player that you idolised at the club?

Dundee FC are my Scottish local team and the favourite player I idolised would have to be Billy Dodds during his time there, but certainly not now!! Met him a few times too, once was during a pitch invasion at McDiarmid Park during a Wednesday night 4-4 draw with St Johnstone that made the Scottish lunchtime news the next day, but that was a story that the coppers were in interested in so I’ll keep quiet!!! hahaha

Rumour has it during a Junior Scottish Cup tie back in 2008, you “tried” to get on the pitch to celebrate a goal with some players, care to elaborate any further?

Hahahaha… Now that is a flashback! It was in 2008, Lochee United were through playing Clydebank in the Scottish Junior Cup, former Dundee striker and then Lochee striker Paul Ritchie had just put Lochee 2-1 ahead in the game, one second I was celebrating on the terrace and the next I was lying trackside in a large rain puddle!!! I think I was pushed over the wall rather than the few beers getting the better of me. A fellow photographer was at the game and managed to capture the moment, which you’ll clearly have great pleasure in showing the public no doubt!


You recently completed a training session with the team under the guidance of Ray “Jinky” Farningham and put an article on the website. Being an avid Dundee Fan and “Jinky” being a Dundee legend, how was the experience for you?

The experience was superb and I loved every minute of it although my legs and back hated me for days after. My heart was racing throughout, not because I was near Jinky and being trained by the legend himself, but because I was on the verge of having a heart attack!!! Jinky, although he probably knows this, is a legend like you say. You see the passion in him every time he shouts out at training let alone the games. His name is talked about at Dens constantly and he’ll be a legend to many a dark blue fan. The funny stories too about his past football days away with his teams are hilarious. You should ask him about the ‘stealing a boat in Spain’ incident sometime.

If I’m honest, it was a pleasure to be on the same pitch let alone being coached by him for a short time. The boys were great with me also during it, all first class. I must also mention I scored a fantastic lob against Iain Ross towards the end of the session during a quick 7-a-side game…he was mortified, I was jubilant, running half the length of the pitch celebrating, on my own funnily enough!!!

You capture some funny faces during the game but, if we have to probe you for a name, who is the least photogenic player at the club and face would best be served on the radio?

That’s a tough one, I can’t honestly think or even say someone is that ugly and only fit for the radio… But for funny faces during a game, I thought of Frankie Lannen with his tongue sticking out and Iain Ross for his funny faces when looking to make a save, catch the ball. Then there is also Paul Lunan, Jay Smart and Dougie Cameron for their aggression when going in for the headers but then there is Jamie Winter! Thon boy pulls some belting faces when he’s going in for headers does he no, usually with his eye’s shut or some funny gay pose…haha.

The lads, only see a handful of pictures I put on the website, considering I take several hundred during a game, but yes, Jamie Winter is probably the funniest. But that doesn’t rule out the other lads, they’ve all had their bad pics taken. They’ll be kept as back up haha… Special mention has to go to Dougie Cameron though, as the shine from the flash on his napper means a few photos a game go straight into the recycle bin!

Do you have the picture that would justify your selection?

Yeah, certainly, this one… It was taken against Musselburgh Athletic when we beat them 3-1 at Whitton Park in the EOS Cup back in September 2015. Honestly…what the bloody hell is Jamie doing in this picture?(right click it and open larger image in a new tab) Keith Harris and Orville singing ‘I wish I could fly…’ comes to mind when I look at this! I think it’s hilarious, he’s some boy, but a great boy. A pleasure to know and have around you at the club on matchdays.

DSC_0273 (2)

If you were the manager of Broughty for one game, which junior team would you like to face and what would be your starting eleven players?

That’s a cruel question, I wouldn’t want to take away from what a great job Gibby is doing. It’s a hard enough job for him let alone me. I have my thoughts, they are just about parallel to the gaffer’s choice of team bar a couple of difference’s so I’ll keep those to myself. But he knows where I am if he needs my thoughts, we talk regularly on club matters and that’s what clubs need with their social media side of things, a close relationship with what’s going on every day be it team matters, training, strip colours, travel arrangements, pies for the pie shop, everything…

In or outside of football, if you could photograph one footballer, one match or one landmark, what would that be and why?

Tough question this… The one footballer I would have liked to capture in his day would have to be Kenny Dalgliesh, the man was a footballing genius and a hero of mine when at Liverpool. One match would have to be the Merseyside derby, being a big ‘Pool fan and all that but I’m happy covering any game for Dundee or Broughty. It’s not just about the match, it’s about the surroundings as in the way you are treated etc. Dundee FC and Broughty Athletic treat me with the utmost respect as I do them, whereas other teams in the junior and seniors I visit see you as something they’ve just stood in, honestly…but it’s funny as hell though! As for a landmark, that’s a difficult one to answer, as I’d be happy anywhere taking pictures.

What is your favourite sporting photograph of all time and why, and can you share it with us?

I would say, for football related, so far it has to be this one when Dundee beat United at Dens Park last year. Celebrating in front of the Derry and only a few feet away from me, Dundee’s captain James McPake celebrating towards the United fans… I love it, chuffed at catching the emotions of the players and fans in the background being held back as they scream and celebrate a goal and victory over their next door neighbour rivals.(right click to open larger image in a new tab) I have a hell of a lot of pictures that could have made it here but this one really sticks out for me.


But my favorite picture away from football has to be a sea-lion stretching on a beach up north, I had a bit of de-Ja-Vu when I saw the picture, thinking I’d taken one similar somewhere else, but I must be wrong… Oh and here’s a picture of my mate Jamie Winter stretching!JamieSeal

We have away games with longer journeys to make including Penicuik and Boness forthcoming. Who would you least like to sit next to on the bus travelling?

Hahaha What a question this is!!! A couple of possible answers here… Without meaning any harm, it would have to be Grant Lawson. It’s bad enough getting him to smile for a picture let alone to speak any words! He’s really a great guy, whom I’ve known for a while now and a great player too, he’ll understand my reasoning…I hope!

Funnily enough, the other would be Jamie Winter…not for the fact he would talk about himself from back in the day when he starred for Doncaster Rovers…or was it Torquay United…or even Nuneaton Town, christ knows, he’s had more clubs than Tiger Woods, but just for the fact he’d take up more than his own seat on the bus, if you get my meaning! Hahaha…

Finally Sean, tell us a little about your life away from the Broughty?

I’ve been married for 17 years to my fantastic wife, Nicki. We live with all our animals just outside Dundee, which includes 2 horses, J and Ellie, 4 miniature shetland ponies, Chester, Popeye, Quincy and Whitney(don’t ask!), 1 miniature meditterainian donkey called Jacksean, 2 dogs-Oscar & Olivia, 2 cats-Webster & Winston and six chickens, Lemonade, Cream Soda, Pepsi Max, Fanta, Sprite and little Irn-Bru(again, don’t ask!)! I’ve worked at the University of Dundee, for the last 16 years. I love photography and can’t get enough of it. I’m a match photographer at Dens Park for Dundee FC when I’m not working my own job or at a Broughty Athletic match and my picture’s can be viewed on my personal Facebook Photography page, by clicking on the link below…




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