Broughty Athletic received some best wishes for the new season ahead from Morecambe FC goalkeeper Barry Roche. 

Barry is in close contact with Broughty captain Jamie Winter and watched the Fed’s recent trip down to Morecambe for a pre-season friendly, so the club decided to get in touch with him and fire some questions his way on his friendship with Jamie and ask about his current time at Morecambe. Read below what he had to say…



So how did you and Jamie become friends, where did it all start, as in what year, where, circumstances?

Wints and I first met when he joined Chesterfield in 2007 I think it was. We instantly hit it off as both have pretty similar personalities and sense of humour even though he used to try and ruin every new movie coming out in the cinema at the time, by going to see it first and telling everybody how it ended!!

You recently took in Broughty’s game when we were down there for a friendly, how was the game and the Broughty side?

The standard and type of football played were really impressive and a joy to watch at times. Broughty kept the ball on the deck really well, although it would be nice to see Wints actually run out of the centre circle every now and then. The squad played well and deserved their win.

You currently still play for Morecambe, as their goalkeeper, how’s it going with them?

I’m now in the final year of my contract and have been at the club for eight seasons now. We’ve had a decent start to the new season which we usually tend to do, so fingers crossed we keep it going and have a great season.

What’s your plans once you finish playing? Coach, management or leave football altogether?

I’ve done a sports journalism degree but don’t really see myself going into that field. I’m also currently undertaking my FA B Licence Goalkeeping badge after doing my UEFA B outfield version last year. Seems the natural progression for me to try and stay in the game hopefully in the coaching capacity, only time will tell I suppose.

Have you been following on Jamie’s recent happenings at Broughty Athletic? He’s become the club’s captain for the new season ahead and is a joy to have around at the club.

Yeah, I’ve been tracking the recent results and Wints couldn’t wait to send me the video clip of his Messi-esque goal a couple of weeks ago in your win against Linlithgow. He took great joy in explaining how he meant the goal, gliding past two opposition players and precisely slotting it into the corner of the net! Broughty have had a great start despite the recent defeat at the weekend, good luck for the remainder of the season ahead of you all, I’ll be sure to be cheering from down south for you all.

All at BAJFC would like to thank Barry for his time and comments and wish him all the best for the rest of the season at Morecambe FC.