BAJFC manager Keith Gibson put his managerial tactics to one side to star in a video by local bus company Xplore Dundee about the serious dangers of throwing stones at buses.

The short film shows a double decker bus targeted by a youth who throws a brick at the vehicle, breaking the window and injuring passengers. The bus swerves towards a young mum pushing a buggy and the film doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to highlighting the damage done to human lives by this sort of anti-social behaviour.

Now that the video has hit the public eye, Keith was more than happy to sit down with our website admin team and talk about starring in the video and getting the point out there…

“It was a great experience that I want to pursue again in the future. The young people from Connect 5 were heavily involved in the filming and acting, as well as Wendy Laing who directed and edited the whole thing. Hopefully, it gets a wee message across to the kids out there.

When I was approached to star in the movie I grabbed the offer with both hands. I’ve always wanted to get into the acting scene having taken some lessons a wee while back. I’ve been told by some I’m a natural but it does come easy for me in front of the camera. I once starred in a music video a while back but that’s another story for another day.

I’ve had a crazy time recently, with movie offers, managerial offers, but I’m firmly here at Broughty Athletic but will gladly do some acting again if I get the chance, who knows where it could lead to, Hollywood hopefully, I’m excited about the whole thing. 

My favourite Hollywood star is Keanu Reeves(pictured left). He started with a few lessons in acting and look where he is now. He starred in Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure back in 1989, one of my favourite movies. He’s the best actor out there alongside the likes of Denzel Washington, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks. People have said I look similar to Keanu, I’ll take that any day of the week, but I do agree with them a tad…”


Some of the lads in the squad have been very supportive of Keith’s role in the video, a serious video too, with some having ribbed him about it. BAJFC captain Jamie Winter said he was all for the video to get the message out there and even offered his services if there is to be another one. “I know Gibby has starred in movies before but I’m a tad worried what kind they were!! He’s a great guy and gaffer and deserves his chance should it come. At the end of the day, it’s all for a great cause to get a message out there and hopefully, it has…but Keanu Reeves??? Come on gaffer, who you trying to kid…”

On a serious note, Dundee-based bus company ‘Xplore Dundee’ was forced to temporary suspend three of its services in the Whitfield area last November after its buses came under attack. The company said it made the decision as a result of the “extremely dangerous and totally unacceptable” incidents. It has now released the film that was previously shown in and around Dundee schools.

A Stone’s Throw Away is a 15-minute film showing the recreation of a brick attack on a double decker bus and its aftermath. It includes interviews with emergency services workers and bus passengers and is based on actual events.

A link to the 15-minute video, which been viewed over 10,000 times so far, is below…