Should this Saturday’s game versus Tayport go-ahead, it will be 29 days since Broughty last played a competitive game of football, which happened to be a 4-2 win over Tayport. The BAJFC Media team spoke with Broughty manager Keith Gibson about the recent postponements over the last few weeks…

“It’s been a really frustrating period with having our last three Super League games being called off, as I felt we were building a bit of momentum after the Tayport game. There’s nothing worse as a player than not playing on a Saturday, but fair play to the boys they have been working really hard in training as we look to top up their fitness levels.

We even had a friendly organised against senior side Arbroath FC that had to be cancelled due to a recent snowfall. We’ve managed to organise a friendly for this Tuesday which will give the whole squad a much needed run out and game time. It will also give us an opportunity to prepare ourselves for this Saturday’s trip back to Tayport, weather permitting, for our cup game in the GA Cup, which again will be a really tough game between us…”

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