A new feature that we have brought to the BAJFC website is ‘An Interview With…’, a light hearted small insight to who the BAJFC players and management are. Our next interview is with striker Stewart McConnachie.

Read below what Stewart had to say when he sat down with our website admin team over a couple of Happy Meals…


Well Stewart, it’s been 19 years since you played your first competitive game of football, do you remember who it was against and the score?

Good god, that long? My first team was Coupar Angus Juniors and I think my debut may have been against Scone Thistle, but to be brutally honest, I’m not 100% sure as it was so long ago but I’ll stick with that, it rings a bell.

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions before a match?

Yes I do, just like some of the other lads, I happen to put my right sock on first, then the right shin guard and then the right boot on. Then the same with the left side. Maybe sounds weird to some but it’s a thing I’ve always done and stuck with it.

Who was your toughest opponents/player in the Junior game and why?

I’ve played for that many Junior teams I’ve had so many battles over the years. When I was at Forfar West End, we had many a battle up at Montrose Roselea from time to time but I couldn’t really single out any individual player as there’s been that many I’ve played against.

What are your plans after you finish playing football, as in would you take up coaching or management or leave football altogether?

Just now I currently help coach DUSC under 10’s which my young lad, Thomas, plays. But when I do eventually give up, or get shown the door from Broughty, I can probably see myself getting a season ticket for my sins at Tannadice, to watch Dundee United, although it’ll probably be Championship football I’ll be watching for the next few years!

What team do you support and any player that you idolized since you first knew about football?

I happen to support Dundee United. I know they’re going through a rough patch at the minute and staring relegation in the face but if they go down, which I think they will, hopefully after a season or two at most in the Championship they’ll bounce back into the big league but it would be a big ask and task. As for my idol, it has to be King Eric Cantona. What a player he was through his career.

How many junior teams have you played for including Broughty and any special memories you care to share from those teams?

Hold on till I count them all… One, two, three…six! Yep, six in total if you include Broughty Athletic. First up I played for Coupar Angus, then Elmwood, who are sadly no longer in existence, then Lochee United, Forfar West End, Dundee Violet and now Broughty.
As for special memories, there is a few… When I was at Forfar West End, we won the Premier League and were promoted to the Super League. I won a treble of domestic trophies when at Lochee United and have a league winners medal from my time with Violet. Not a bad wee collection for the years service I’ve given to the Junior scene.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned on your footballing journey?

The most important lesson in my eyes was I’ve learned to control my anger on the football park as I was prone to a red card or two during my career!!

What would you have done if you never played football?

I’ve always wanted to play football so that’s a hard one to answer. I probably would have played golf as that’s my next sport. Also, with spare Saturday’s to myself I would have travelled across Scotland following Dundee United.

It’s your first season at the club, how’s it been so far?

My first season has been great so far. We’re doing okay at the minute and it’s a great club to be at and involved with. The lads have been very welcoming since my arrival pre-season and we have a good team. Our main aim is to stay in the top flight of Junior football, the Super League, so it’s heads down and get on with the football.

Broughty training sessions or Broughty losing a game, what is the worst?

Only one winner here for me I’m afraid…It’s got to be losing a game for me, it’s not a nice feeling at all. I really enjoy the training sessions to be honest and that’s something that I have never said in my footballing career to anyone so there you go, you’re the first to hear that haha…

Finally, tell us a bit more about Stewart McConnachie outside of football?

I’m married to my beautiful wife, Angela. I have two kids, my wee boy Thomas and my daughter Libby. I’m a director of Waterflow Plumbing & Heating Ltd which I enjoy my very much, so if you’re looking for a bathroom give us a call haha…