A new feature that we have brought to the BAJFC website is ‘An Interview With…’, a light hearted small insight to who the BAJFC players, management, and committee are. Our next interview is with midfielder Grant Lawson. Read below what Grant had to say when he sat down with our website admin team over a shandy or two…


It’s been 10 years since you started playing football competitively, do you remember who your first game was against and when?

Has it been ten years already?…Time has just flown by. My first game was back in 2006 for local side Downfield Juniors against Lochee United in the DJ Laing group stages. The game was played at Thomson Park and I’m sure it finished 2-2.

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions before a match?

I do as it happens…On match day, my superstitions are to put my left shin guard and sock on first. The I put my right shin guard and sock on. That’s followed by my left boot before my right boot. Might sound strange to some but that’s the way I’ve always done it.

Who was your toughest opponents in the Junior game and why?

I’ve played against a lot of good teams in my years of junior football so this is a tough one. I’d say it was when I was at Lochee United the opposition was Irvine Meadow at Thomson Park in the Scottish Junior Cup. They went down to 10 men after an early sending off and still managed to win 3-0. They played us off the park. I’m sure I touched the ball twice in the whole game!

What are your plans after you finish playing football, as in would you take up coaching or management or leave football altogether?

Still a few years left in me yet to play I think. But I would love to get into coaching or management but somehow I don’t think people would take me seriously enough! Scouting/analysis is another thing I would like to do when I finish playing, but that’s ages away.

What team do you support and any player that you idolized since you first knew about football?

I support the smaller team in the city, Dundee United. They’re going through a tough time at the minute and are a cert for relegation unless they can change it around, and quick. The player I idolised whilst growing up was United’s very own Andy McLaren! On his day, he was some player, a bit like myself really.

We see you’ve played for a few junior teams, can you list them all and do you have any special memories?

I’ve played for a few junior teams now, let me think…Downfield, Forfar West End, Lochee United, Tayport and now Broughty Athletic. My most special memory would have to be from last year when I was captain at Tayport. We completed the league and cup double, being Champions of the East Region Premier League and winners of the GA Engineering Cup.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned on your footballing journey?

The one and only most important lesson I’ve learnt is…Don’t fall out with manager!! I happened to do that quite early on when I was at Lochee United and that was me for the next two years!!

What would you have done if you never played football?

Nothing! Seriously, I would have done nothing…next question, please.

You won a GA Cup winners medal at Tannadice, how was that feeling?

It was a fantastic feeling winning the cup, but to win it on the ground of the team I support was, even more, sweeter. We won comfortably 4-1 against local side North End, and to top it all off I scored the fourth goal right at the death. It’s a feeling that will stay with me and I’ll never forget it.

Broughty training sessions or Broughty losing a game, what is the worst?

The clear winner here is Broughty losing a game, absolutely 100%. I cannot stand losing a match, ever. But I must say, I too like some of the other lads, don’t mind the 8-30pm friendly training game kick-off times at Gussie Park midweek!

Finally, tell us a bit more about Grant Lawson outside of football?

I work as an auto electrical specialist for my dad’s company, Robert Lawson & Sons here in Dundee. I work alongside my brother and rentboy, teaboy, bootboy, fellow Broughty player Ryan Suttie. Away from work and football, I live with my partner Vicky and we have three fantastic kids between us, being Josh, Daisy and Bella.