A new feature that we have brought to the BAJFC website is ‘An Interview With…’, a light hearted small insight to who the BAJFC players and management are. Our final interview is with our recent new signing Brian Clark.

Read below what Brian had to say when he sat down with our website admin team over a coffee or two…


It’s been 18 years since you started playing football, do you remember who it was for and the opponents?

I started playing for Celtic Boys when I was 10 years old. I was a pretty late starter compared to some boys. I used to just drive the neighbours crazy in the backs playing football, kicking the ball about. Then a friends dad took me to Celtic Boys and that was me from then to now. No regrets, just love playing football.

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions before a match?

None at all! Sadly I don’t believe in that rubbish, to be honest, I’ll leave that to the other lads with their left shinguard, right shinguard stuff. Arrive, get changed whatever way, get on the bloody pitch and get in with it is what I say!

Who was your toughest opponent/s in the Junior game and why?

During my time in the Junior scene, I would probably have to say, Linlithgow Rose. There have been some good players throughout their teams over the years. They are always there or thereabouts when it comes to cup finals or league winners. Always a hard tough game against them.

What are your plans after you finish playing football, as in would you take up coaching or management or leave football altogether?

I think I’ve still got a few years left in me hopefully, although it doesn’t feel like it after games sometimes just now. I don’t really fancy getting into the coaching side of things, to be honest, not my kinda thing. Geoff Stelling and the boys on a Saturday afternoon sounds much more appealing to me.

What team do you support and any player that you idolized since you first knew about football?

I support Celtic for my sins. When I was growing up Lubo Muravcik was a player I enjoyed watching either at Parkhead or on the box. Nowadays I would say the best player to grace our screens has to be Lionel Messi at Barcelona. He’s the best player ever to play the game for me. Watching him is like watching Jamie Winters’ from back in the day, amazing talent.

What’s your most memorable happy moment that sticks out in your career so far??

Making my starting debut for Dundee at Dens Park against Hamilton back in 2006 was an amazing feeling that I’ll never forget. Playing against James Mcarthy (no much difference in the way our careers have gone)..also the week after scoring my first senior goal for Dundee FC against Clyde was another special moment for me.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned on your footballing journey?

Only things I have learned from football is a few cliche’s… The best one is “It’s about us today lads” after talking about the other team for last 15 mins!!!

What would you have done if you never played football?

Hard one to think about this is, as every lad wanted to play football. I would have tried to get into the golf probably, as it’s my next favorite sport outwith football. I enjoying hacking about the golf course’s now and again, with a few beers in the golf bag being a must though haha…

Broughty Athletic are your 4th Junior Football team, how has it been the past couple of weeks settling in?

The past few weeks have been great since I signed on at the club, they’re a great bunch of boys! They have made me feel very welcome, even on the first night of training, by taping up my trainers! I can take, it’s all part and parcel of football life I suppose. Broughty’s a good club and I’ll be doing all my best to keep them in the Super League for next season.

Training sessions or losing a game, what is the worst?

I’ll be truthful here, training sessions have been spot on so it would have to be losing a game being the worst feeling sp far for me. Our defeat on Saturday against Broxburn was a sore one to take after being on a decent run of five games unbeaten. But we’ll pick ourselves up and bring on the next game. The Super League is a tough place to be this season, everyone is capable of beating each other on their day, let’s just see what happens.

Finally, tell us a bit more about Brian Clark outside of football?

I work as an apprentice electrician for a local company in Dundee. I have a beautiful little girl called Halle, who is away to turn two years old very soon. I enjoy a game of tiddlywinks and a good Jane Austen novel now and again too, watching Wildlife on BBC One, whilst sipping the odd glass of Rose wine.