A new feature that we have brought to the BAJFC website is ‘An Interview With…’, a light hearted small insight to who the BAJFC players and management are. Our next interview is with our Fench defender Bastien Wibaut.

Read below what Bastien had to say when he sat down with our website admin team over a coffee or two…


What age did you start playing football and where was it?

It was 17 years ago when I played my first game of football. I was 4yrs old at the time living in my home city Grenoble, in France. We played in a kids friendly game with my friends and from then I have played football all my life.

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions before a match?

Yes, I have some rituals before a match. I always put my right shin guard in first, then the left one. I also like to be the last player to leave the changing room after the half-time interval as we head back out onto the pitch. It is something I always done.

What important things did you bring to Dundee from France?

Easy question this one is… I bring some food from France. It’s so much better than Scottish food here. I don’t know how you can eat so many pies in Scotland. My team colleague, Barry Myles, eat’s two pies, and that is just before a game!

You are still only 21 yrs old but what are your plans after you finish playing football, as in would you take up coaching or management or leave football altogether?

Yes, I’m only 21yrs old so I have 13/14 years left in me before to stop playing football. In France, I have already started to coach the Under 11’s in my home city last year. It was my first coaching experience and I would like to continue that with them when I return home. After my playing career hopefully I will manage a senior team.

What team do you support and any player that you idolized since you first knew about football?

My favorite team is Saint Etienne FC. The club was founded in 1919 and currently plays in Ligue 1, the top division in France. They mostly have the best supporters too. My favorite player is Javier Pastore from PSG and my favorite French player is Loic Perrin, he’s the center back at Saint Etienne FC.

How is living in Dundee been?

I’m really enjoying it so far. It‘s a great experience for me to discover a new culture, a new city, a new language, even if the boys in the team will say I’m bad at English. But I also discover the Scottish weather!!!

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned on your footballing journey?

Here in Scotland, you have to be strong on the pitch. It is much more physical here than back home in France. But this can only help me during my time here before I eventually head back home to France to further my football career.

What would you have done if you never played football?

I cannot think about not playing football. Sport is my passion and I love it so much. I can stay in front of my TV all the day and watch any sports  whether it be basketball, rugby, tennis, handball, skiing etc…

Broughty Athletic are you first Junior Football team since you moved over to Scotland, how has it been since you joined?

It’s been great so far, the lads have been very good with me despite the language barrier between us all. I joined in November 2015 and had to wait my time to play for the team but now I am playing every week which I enjoy. I used to play for the youth team in the GF38 ( played in Ligue 1) in my home city until the club went bankrupt. When I was 17yrs old, I played for my first senior club, Seyssins, for two years which is one of the best teams where I live.

I love going out for a few drinks with the guys from the DUAFC, the Uni football team who I’ve played for, we always have good laugh and spend a good night together. Since my time here in Dundee, what I miss the most about France is the weather! I miss my family and spending time with my friends though and look forward to going home in the holidays.

Broughty training sessions or Broughty losing a game, what is the worst?

Obviously losing a game is the worst feeling ever. Nothing can be worse than losing. If you like football then you like the training sessions, no? I enjoy our training, it can be fast, physical, tactical but also tiring. 

Finally, tell us a bit more about Bastien Wibaut outside of football?

I’m 21yrs old and I’m from Grenoble, a city in southeastern France, at the foot of the French Alps where the river Drac joins the Isère. I’m a third year Economics Student studying at the University of Dundee and enjoying it very much. I enjoy listening to music, all kinds of music and I like to socialize with my Uni friends.