With the website at its busiest since the new Website Administrator was brought in last year, BAJFC is now looking for another Website Admin to join the club to help us raise its profile with a view to taking over the full running and further promotion of the social media side of things at the club.

The new person to join the team needs to be hard working and self-motivated to ensure the BAJFC Website and Facebook/Twitter pages are updated timeously as they are now. Great communication skills, flexibility to be able to attend matches on a Saturday afternoon and some midweek training sessions, meetings etc are a must. You would be working alongside and under the guidance of our current Website Admin with a view to taking over the full running of the Admin side of things in due course.

Our club website is visited every month by the thousands, as high as 14,500 in the month of August this year compared to the 6,700 this time last year when the new Website Admin took over and we are highly regarded as one, if not, the best Junior websites in the area.

Please contact the club by emailing us at the address provided… [email protected]