Broughty Athletic can confirm that defender Jamie McCunnie has decided to take the managers job on a more permanent role.

Jamie took over as interim manager, for the second time this season, when the previous manager, Jim Finlayson, left the post at the end of January and has taken charge of team matters since then. Jamie previously had a spell in temporary charge at the start of the season following the previous manager’s decision to quit the club days before the opening game of the season, a 1-0 home win over Sauchie at Whitton Park.

It was intended to just see out the remainder of the season as interim manager for Jamie (pictured left) but after some serious thought and meetings with the clubs Chairman and President, Jamie has now decided to pledge his full commitment to the club and take on the role as manager.

The club is delighted to have Jamie accept the position after what has been a bit of a turbulent season when it comes to managers at the club. President of BAJFC Sean Donaldson had this to say on Jamie accepting the job…

“I personally am very happy Jamie has decided to commit himself as the new manager here at the Fed. We tried to get him to take the job at the start of the season but he made it clear he would help the club any way he could but wanted to concentrate on playing for the club rather than managing. He expressed he still had life in the old legs yet.

But when we approached him at the end of January into taking charge temporarily again, which he did, we knew we had an opportunity to try and get him to take up the job more permanently in due course. He brings the best out in the players, he’s very committed, eager, disciplined and wants only what’s best for Broughty Athletic. It also sends out a message and a massive boost to the club and to the players of his intentions to stay and take charge of team affairs. In the coming weeks, he has a busy time ahead of him, firstly securing the clubs place in the Super League for next season which we are on course for doing, then tieing up some players who are out of contract as well as looking for new players to bring into the club.

It’s a busy time ahead for everyone but hopefully that’s the dust settled on the manager front for the next wee while or should I say, long while…”

Everyone at BAJFC welcomes Jamie into his permanent new position and wish him all the very best for the remainder of the season and beyond…